The football season is now coming to a close but this year we have the World cup. Not only that there is a few high profile Tennis events that happen throughout the summer. We also have numerous horse racing festivals which as you already know can be very lucrative for us. These events are not only fun for us to watch they can be very healthy for our pockets if we put our mind to it. This is why Profit accumulator are offering you the chance to start your matched betting career with a £1 week trial. This membership will last a week and give you the full benefits of the normal membership(regular membership £17.99 per month). For £1 you can guaranteed yourself a least £100 by the end of the month as long as you have enough outlay and follow the instructions.

If you already know about matched betting you will know that it is completely risk free and you have no risk towards your capital. If you are unsure on what matched betting is please see here for a explanation.

Come join me and 10,000’s of others beating the bookies once and for all. I hope to see you at the end of the week with a bigger bank balance!

If you are interested in join please click here where it will take you directly to the £1 offer.

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