We are now into the second week of February, Lets get straight in and see what this week has to offer. See below where I have divided up the profits into daily totals to give you an insight on how much you can really make from matched betting. The earnings have solely come from the sports offers which were available for us. There is plenty more casino and bingo offers for you to take part in also.

Monday 6th – 
Today we have our weekly free bets, as well as a few offers on the Horse Racing, Greyhounds and Tennis.

  • Today’s offers scraped in at £30.50.
  • One price boost increased that by £1.

Not one of the worse Monday’s we have had, £31.50 profit.

Tuesday 7th – 
Tennis, Horse Racing and Greyhounds is all that is provided for us to exploit today.

  • Offers for the day revealed £13.50.
  • A couple price boosts made us £2.50.

That’s it for today, £16 profit.

Wednesday 8th – 
Looks to be another quiet day again today we have roughly the same kind of offers as yesterday.

  • Offers for today have increased our profit by £13.50.
  • A few price boosts returned us £5.

Another reasonably quiet day, £18.50 profit.

Thursday 9th – 
A few repetitive days this week, we have the same offers to extract profit from again today.

  • Offers for the day have guaranteed £13.50.

That’s all we have again today, £13.50 up.

Friday 10th – 
Tennis, Rugby, Horse Racing and Greyhound offers available for us today as well as receiving some of our weekly free bets.

  • Today’s offers took hold of £22.50.
  • Price boosts gave us £2.
  • A couple lock ins created £7.

A lot better than the last few days, £31.50 profit.

Saturday 11th – 
ITV Racing day today as well as plenty other offers on from the Football, Greyhounds, Tennis and Rugby.

  • Offers for the day gained us £47.50.
  • A handful of price boosts secured £31.50.
  • Lock ins grasped £10.50.

Another decent day of profit like always on a saturday £89.50.

Sunday 12th – 
Football, Horse Racing, Greyhounds and Tennis offers is what we have to work with today.

  • Offers for today have extracted £11 profit.

Quiet Sunday, £10 profit.

A little quieter this week, but we have still managed to make a reasonable £210.50 profit.

Like I have said before there are plenty more risk free offers which can prove extremely lucrative as well as accumulator refunds that could give you an extra few hundred quid each month. Which in quieter weeks like this one can make up for the difference. If you are interested check it out here.

Weeks total – £210.50.

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