Well I am still catching up but I will eventually be there. See down below where I have broken down the week of matched betting into daily totals.

Monday 27th – 
Like every Monday today we will receive a handful of free bets. There is also offers on the Horse Racing and Tennis.

  • Today’s offers grabbed £70.50.
  • A few lock ins scraped in £45.

A great start to the week, £115.50.

Tuesday 28th – 
Seems to be pretty quiet today with offers on the Horse Racing and Tennis.

  • The days offers returned £12.50.

A very quiet day today, £12.50.

Wednesday 29th – 
Looks to be very similar to yesterday.

  • Offers for the day revealed £16.

A little better, hopefully it builds towards the weekend £16.

Thursday 30th – 
Well we have the same offers on for the third day in a row.

  • Offers today guaranteed £12.

I am hoping for a very good weekend to salvage this week, £12.

Friday 31st –
Horse Racing, Tennis and a few weekly free bets should at least give us a little boost.

  • The offers today cashed in at £23.

A little better but I am still hoping for more, £23.

Saturday 1st – 
ITV Racing today should kick us off. However we also have offers on the Football, Horse Racing and Tennis.

  • The days offers made us £49.50.
  • A few price boosts increased that by £9.50.

A bit better but quite quiet for a Saturday, £59 up.

Sunday 2nd – 
It’s seems we have a variety of offers today on the Football, Horse Racing and Tennis.

  • Today’s offers extracted £18.
  • A handful of price boosts caught £19.

A nice end to the week, £37 profit.

We started off the week very good however the middle of the week was quite poor. Hopefully we managed to scrape enough at the weekend to come out with a decent amount of profit for the week.  Each day calculated together has allowed us to earn an a healthy amount of profit, £275.

Like I have said before there are plenty more risk free offers which can prove extremely lucrative as well as accumulator refunds that could give you an extra few hundred quid each month. If you are interested check it out here. If you want to just go ahead and get involved please sign up for a free trial here which will make you around £50. The first month is also half price.

Weeks total – £275.

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