Please note: If you would like this tutorial in video format please click here.

Right, to start off one of the easiest matched betting offers to complete is the sign up offer which Coral provides. This is because you only need to deposit £5 and place a bet at the odds of 1.5(1/2) or over. Then as soon as you have placed the bet you will receive a £20 free bet which is split up into 4 x £5 bets. I would suggest reading this through thoroughly once before attempting to complete the offer to make sure you understand.

To start of click here and sign up on the coral website under offer 2 like highlighted in red below.


You will also need to sign up to a betting exchange so you can lay your bets. If you are new to Matched Betting I would suggest you use Betfair as they offer a cash out system if you manage to place a lay bet incorrectly so you will not lose your money. The reason you lay your bets is so you cover every outcome of a certain event. So for instance if you lay against Manchester United you are betting that they will either draw or lose. The reason we do this is so if your bet at coral loses you still get your stake back as you have ‘layed’ as well. This way you will not lose any money apart from the small 5% charge that Betfair charge you on all winning bets as well as the small fraction you will lose from the odds distance. This is why the closer you back and lay odds are the less money your Qualifying bet will cost. Here is a link to Betfair’s website and if you view the picture below highlighted in red is where you sign up.


Now we are signed up to both Coral and Betfair we will begin the process of making risk free profit from the Coral sign up offer.

We first need to find a match where the back and lay odds are as close as possible. So we open the odds matching system which is found on this website(you will need to sign up to the free trial to be allowed to access the odds matcher, but don’t worry you will not need to input any card details).

oddsmatcher showing where to select filter

The oddsmatcher system will look like this, you will need to hover over to filters(highlighted in red in the picture above).Once you have selected the filters a window will appear so you can change all the filters to match our needs(shown below).

oddsmatcher over 1.5

You will need to change a few rules in this window. I have highlighted them all in red in the above picture. So you will need to:

  1.  Select the tick box to the left of ‘Limit Bookmaker’
  2. Select the tick box to the left of ‘Coral’
  3. Select the tick box to the left of ‘Limit Exchange’
  4. Select the tick box to the left of ‘Betfair’
  5. Select the tick box to the left of ‘Min. Odds’
  6. Type in ‘1.5’ into the text box under ‘Min. Odds’

Once you have completed all these steps above you then need to click apply(highlighted in green at the bottom of the filters window). This should then bring up lots of matches like shown below.

oddmatched with results

Now to make sure we maximise the potential profit we want to select games where the rating is over 95%(this is shown above in the fifth column).  As you can see the one I have selected is 96.58%. So we want to click on the calculator button to the left of the ‘Event Date/Time’. This will bring up another window which is shown below.

oddsmatcher calculator over 1.5 coral

We will want to change the bookmaker stake(which is highlighted in red) to £5 to match the bookmaker qualifying stake so we can ensure we will be eligible to get the free bet. So for Coral the stake we will need to use to qualify for the sign up offer is £5 like mentioned before. Everything else is already filled in and completed. If you notice at the bottom of the window regardless of the result our outcome in the end is -£0.17. Do not worry about the small loss from the ‘Qualifying Bet’ we will recoup the loss and make more profit risk free from the £20 free bet.

So the steps you will now need to do is:

  1. Place a £5 bet on Switzerland to win at Coral.
  2. Go to Betfair and then click on the exchange tab.
  3. Once you’re on the exchange tab on the search bar at the top search ‘Albania Vs Switzerland’.
  4. Select the game and then you want to select the red box next to Switzerland and this will lay against them. I have provided a picture below for reference(The lay button is highlighted in red).
  5. Lay £5.08 on Switzerland.

betfair lay

I have also calculated the break down to show you where your money goes so you can give yourself a better understanding, below is an image showing this.

Coral QB Breakdown

As soon as you have placed your bet with Coral and placed your lay bet with Betfair you should receive a free £20 bet from Coral. This will be split up into 4 x £5 free bets but do not worry we will be able to place these all on the same result.

So now we basically want to go through the same procedure as we did placing our qualifying bet to make our profit from our free bet. There is a few changes on the window so make sure you are still following in great detail. Below is the oddsmatcher again we want to go back into the filter menu and change only the ‘Min. Odds’ to 3. This will ensure we can maximise profit and get the full potential out of our free bet. Highlighted in red below shows the change we need to make from the filters menu from earlier. After you have amended the minimum odds you will then need to click apply which again is in green.

coral free bet oddsmatcher filter over 3

Once you have done that lots of events will begin to show. Like shown below, we need to find a match where the odds are as high and close as possible(the higher the odds the more liability you will need in Betfair so make sure you select the right odds for the amount of liability you can afford. AGAIN absolutely none of this money will be lost at all). If you remember from earlier try to use a match where the rating is at least 95% or higher.

coral oddmatcher with results over 3

I have picked the USA v Costa Rica game as the odds are fairly high but also the difference between the back and lay odds is only 0.2 so again fairly close too. So as shown earlier I select the calculator button to the left hand side on that row. Another window will appear like shown below.

coral calculator free bet

All the information is filled out for you like it was on our Qualifying Bet, all we need to change is the bookmaker stake which is highlighted in red, We want to change this to £20 because we get 4 x £5 free bets which totals to £20. We will have to place the £5 bets separately but there will be no issue placing them on the same event and result. So follow the steps from earlier:

  1. Place your 4 x £5 free bets on Coral for ‘Costa Rica Win’.
  2. Load up betfair, select the exchange tab and search for ‘USA vs Costa Rica’.
  3. Lay Costa Rica at £15.53 with your liability being £65.23(image of how to lay is above when laying on our Qualifying Bet).

Once you have complete this and once all the events are finished you will have profited £14.76 from the free bet minus the £0.17 loss from the Qualifying Bet so your profit will be £14.59 overall.

I have done another breakdown for the free bet below too.

coral free bet

This offer is now finished and our profit in total is:


PLEASE NOTE: Always place your bet at the bookmaker before laying off your bet at the exchange!!
Also if you would prefer a video tutorial on how to complete this offer please follow through to this link and the free trial will include a video on how to complete the coral offer.