Please note: If you would like this tutorial in video format please click here.

Another sign up offer which is also very easy to complete is the Betfred one. If you haven’t already complete the Coral offer please click here to complete that first before moving on to this one. To complete the sign up offer that betfred provides us with you will need to sign up to betfred and then deposit £10. You will then need to place at bet at the odds of 2.00(1/1) or over. Then within 48 hours after the £10 bet has settled you will be credited with a £30 free bet. I would also suggest reading this through thoroughly once before attempting to complete this offer to make sure you understand.

To start of click here and sign up to Betfred,

Betfred Sign up

You will also need to sign up to Betfair, but if you have already completed the Coral offer as i would suggest to complete that first you should have already be signed up to a betting exchange. If you haven’t please click here and it will take you to the coral sign up offer and that will explain how to sign up to a betting exchange.

Now you should have an account with Betfred, also if you haven’t already go ahead and deposit £10 into Betfred.

We will now go to the odds matching system and trying and find a good match with the odds of over 2.00. If you have already completed the Coral offer again you should already be signed up to the website which offers the odds matching system but if not click here.

oddsmatcher showing where to select filter

Once you are on the odds matching system you will need to select filters so we can narrow down the events to fit our criteria. The above image shows the filters button highlighted in red for you. You will need to select that. A filters window should appear like shown below.

odds match filter betfred over 2

You will need to change a few rules in this window. I have highlighted them all in red in the above picture. So you will need to:

  1.  Select the tick box to the left of ‘Limit Bookmaker’
  2. Select the tick box to the left of ‘Betfred’
  3. Select the tick box to the left of ‘Limit Exchange’
  4. Select the tick box to the left of ‘Betfair’
  5. Select the tick box to the left of ‘Min. Odds’
  6. Type in ‘2’ into the text box under ‘Min. Odds’

Once you have completed all these steps above you then need to click apply(highlighted in green at the bottom of the filters window). This should then bring up lots of matches like shown below.

betfred oddsmatch with results over 2

Now to make sure we maximise the potential profit we want to select games where the rating is over 95%(this is shown above in the fifth column).  As you can see the one I have selected is 95.85%. So we want to click on the calculator button to the left of the ‘Event Date/Time’. This will bring up another window which is shown below.calculator betfred over 2

We will want to change the bookmaker stake(which is highlighted in red) to £10 to match the bookmaker qualifying stake so we can ensure we will be eligible to get the free bet. So for Betfred the stake we will need to use to qualify for the sign up offer is £10 like mentioned before. Everything else is already filled in and completed. If you notice at the bottom of the window regardless of the result our outcome in the end is -£0.42. Do not worry about the small loss from the ‘Qualifying Bet’ we will recoup the loss and make more profit risk free from the £30 free bet.

So now we want to find the horse race on Betfair. As in the Coral sign up we could just search for the football game in the top search bar for horse racing it can be a little bit harder to find i have noticed so the next few steps i will show you how to find the race.

First you select the exchange tab and the menu along the left hand side has loads of different sports if you select ‘Horse Racing – Today’s Card’ that will bring today’s horse racing up. In the picture below the one you need to select is highlighted in red. If you are wondering what if the horse race isn’t for today. Well if you have used the odds match system that will only find horse races from current day so no need to worry.

betfair horse race finder

Now once you have clicked that it will take you to a page which will have the next current race on and then all the races along the left hand side in order of which race is first. I have highlighted the Doncaster race we need in red in the image below.

betfair horse finder 16.40 donny

Select on the race highlighted in red(or find your relevant race) and then your race will appear on the screen like shown below.betfair exchange horse race lay selected

Please note the lay odds have changed since when I found them on the odds matching system. This is because i have been doing this guide and it took longer than what it would if you was just following the guide. But also please note that horse prices fluctuate a lot more than football so if you aren’t too confident and think that following this guide may take some time i would stick to using football events until you are a little more confident. With that all being said the lay is highlighted in red in the above image, as i have just already mentioned i know the odds have changed but this guide is just for your help and you won’t be using the same events anyway as they have already passed.

So the steps you will now need to do is:

  1. Place a £10 bet on Dawn Horizons to win the 16:40 race at Doncaster on Betfred.
  2. Go to Betfair and then click on the exchange tab.
  3. Lay £10.09 Dawn Horizons by following the previous steps above.(I know the odds have changed on the last Betfair image but i am just going to use the one in the calculator so you can understand easier).
  4. Make sure you have at least £13 in Betfair to cover the liability of ‘Dawn Horizons’ for if he wins at Betfred.

I have calculated the break down too to show you where your money goes and what happens whether the horse wins or loses.

Betfred QB breakdown

Now 48 hours after the qualifying bet has finished. You will be credited with a £30 bet.

So now we basically want to go through the same procedure as we did placing our qualifying bet to make our profit from our free bet. There is a few changes on the window so make sure you are still following in great detail. Below is the oddsmatcher again we want to go back into the filter menu and change only the ‘Min. Odds’ to 3. This will ensure we can maximise profit and get the full potential out of our free bet. Highlighted in red below shows the change we need to make from the filters menu from earlier. After you have amended the minimum odds you will then need to click apply which again is in green.

Betfred Filter over 3

This will then bring up loads of results matching our criteria. Shown below.

betfred oddsmatcher over 3 results

I have chosen the Ireland v Sweden game as they have close odds and are fairly low so you don’t need to much liability in Betfair to cover the lay bet. So select the calculator button again to the left hand side. For people with a bigger bank you could of chose to use the one further up where the back price was 7 and lay was 6.8 but i am trying to show you how to get set up and build you matched betting bank up fairly easier without having to use a tonne of money.

oddsmatch over 3 betfred calculator

So if you see the above picture, all you need to change is the ‘Bookmaker Stake’ to match the amount of our Free bet as well as change the button along the top to Free Bet (SNR). Both are highlighted in red. So again follow these steps below:

  1. Place your £30 free bes on Betfred for ‘Ireland Win’.
  2. Load up Betfair, select the exchange tab and search for ‘Ireland vs Sweden’.
  3. Lay Ireland for £21.43 with your liability being £54.65(image of how to lay is above when laying on our Qualifying Bet).

Below i have done another breakdown for the free bet so you can understand where the money goes and how you get it back.

betfred free bet breakdown

Now again as you can see from above regardless of the result our we will come away with £20.35 profit minus the £0.42 from our qualifying bet. We will walk away with an overall profit of £19.93. Again if you was to choose higher odds for the free bet you would walk away with more profit but you will need more liability in Betfair.

Total profit for this offer: £19.93

Please Note:

  1. Always make sure you have enough to cover your lay bet
  2. Always place bookmaker bet before laying off at the exchange
  3. And most importantly ENJOY YOUR PROFIT!!

Also if you would prefer a video tutorial on how to complete this offer please follow through to this link and the free trial will include a video on how to complete the coral offer.