What is matched betting?

Matched betting is a great way to increase your monthly income. I was first introduced to it about a 5 years ago. Constantly on twitter following these so called ‘tipsters’ where they guaranteed monthly profits using their stakes. To my surprise my betting balance was spiralling downwards as opposed to upwards like they stated. This was until someone told me about this system where you can take advantage of bookmakers, bingo and casino sites offers. I was a bit sceptical at first. How can this be true surely more people would do this and the bookies would be out of customers?!?

Well I thought the worse that can happen is I can lose a bit more money. Oh well I’ve just lost listening to these tipsters. So I went ahead and joined this website called Profit Accumulator. They offered me a free trial which would make me around £50. Also guaranteeing a full refund if I made nothing in the first month that I was paying for their service.

How easy is it? Could a newbie get involved?

Certainly in fact it is as easy for a newbie who has no knowledge on gambling or sports as it is for a sports fanatic. They had video tutorials as well as a detailed guide on how to complete each offer. Which I thought was brilliant as it gave the opportunity for everyone to get involved. I am not going to go on and on about how good this system is and how easy you can make money from it, I will leave that for you to decide. Please see below where I have explained a bit on how it all works and let you decide whether it is worth it for you.

How much do you make per offer?

I’m sure you’ve all seen the offers which are plastered all over the web to draw you all in and gamble your hard earn cash. Deposit £200 and we will give you an extra hundred. Bet £20 and if it loses we will give you £20 back as a free bet etc etc. I am sure you have all seen them all before. Well now its our turn to get the money back from them. I will explain further down how we can. What I want you to know first is that we can extract around 80% of free bets and deposit bonus’. so…

  • £20 free bet = £16 profit
  • £100 deposit bonus = £80 profit
  • and even the £10 = £8 will add up over time and change from £8, £80, £800
Is it just the bookmaker offers?

No not at all there is the no deposit free spin offers from casino sites. What have you got to lose there? Free 20 spins and you could make anything from a couple of quid to a couple of hundred! and what has it cost you? Exactly NOTHING!

How do you complete an offer?

So now time to explain how to make the sports betting offers work.

  1. Bookmaker A will give you £20 if you deposit £20 and stake that once.
  2. Deposit £20 to bookmaker A
  3. Sign up to a betting exchange(this is so you can lay against what you are betting on at bookmaker A)
  4. Find a suitable match and stake your £20
  5. Find the result you have staked on the betting exchange and lay against that result so this means you have covered all aspects(betting and laying against the same result will make sure none of your capital is lost).
  6. Sit back wait for the event to find and then gain your free bet.
  7. Do the exact same again but with the £20 free bet and there you go you will have made £16.

The website which I have stated above and here will explain a lot better than I ever can because they’re professionals in this niche. All I will say is if you think you could get a long with it is definitely try it out. As the old saying goes don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

I have included two sign up offers from Coral and Betfred. There is also a tutorial on how to complete each offer.