Is it really possible to make money when football isn’t on?

Of course it is, if you are interested in starting matched betting but you are stuck on how you can make money from it while there’s international breaks or it is the end of the football season? The only answer to this is how many sports is there? Lots, right? Bookmakers are business just like your average high street shop, they will do anything to engage and draw in customers to spend money with them. Does everyone like football? No, of course not.

Therefore, the bookmakers will offer offers on multiple different events each day and this is how it can work for us to make a tonne of money each month. Before I got involved in matched betting I wouldn’t have even given the tennis markets a second glance.

Now they will give me a £10 free bet if I place £20 on it. Of course, I am going to place that £20 on Andy Murray to win without even caring about the result as I will lay off Andy Murray and then take advantage of the £10 free bet to guarantee myself a profit of 80% of the free bet price.

Not only that but horse racing is one of the highest earners in the matched betting game. Are there any breaks throughout the season? No!

Also, there is always ITV Racing most Saturdays and then even more days through the week when there are festivals on like Cheltenham. I am sure you realise how profitable that was. If you didn’t see the article on that please check it out here. We made a fortune.

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