Welcome back, we are now nearly into the second month of 2019. If you haven’t already had a dabble into matched betting to see how profitable it can be for yourself hopefully this will encourage you to give it ago for yourself.

If you have not already seen on the web, thousands of people each month participate in matched betting. This means taking advantage of offers that bookmakers put out to the public to draw them into spending their hard earned cash. Most of the time resulting in lost savings.

This is where matched betting comes into it, at first I was a bit sceptical how can we guarantee winning every single bet that we place? Crazy right?! I can tell you now it is possible, if you would like to know more please check out my article on matched betting here.

Anyway I will stop rambling on. Please see below the information on why you have come here, to see how much we made in 2018.

Monthly Breakdown

January –

Well to kick-start it off with January. We managed to give ourselves a brilliant start the year with £1480.

February –

Next we went into February, it was a little quieter. However we still managed to cruise through the thousand pound target. Bagging ourselves a healthy £1232 in profit.

March –

March then came along and smashed the last two months out of the water. This was all help to the Cheltenham festival. Which if you know about matched betting, horse racing festivals play a big part towards our profit. We ended march with a massive bonus of £1886.50.


April was not a let down either we also came away with a great amount of risk free profit. £1603.50. Not bad to say we was aiming for £1000 per month.

May –

Now we was into May where quite a few of the football leagues come to a close. All this does is play into our hands as the bookmakers have a frenzy, throwing as many offers out there to gain as much money as they can. We definitely gained too. A tremendous £1,703.50.

June –

We are now at the mid way mark of the year. As you can already see we are already creating ourselves a good little pot of extra money. All risk free from just a couple hours work. June’s profit increased this by a further £1920. Which is absolutely fantastic.

July –

Well we are looking to continue our great run and July definitely didn’t hinder that at all either. Our risk free profit for that month ended up being £1518.

August –

August, this is a big month in most sports fanatics calendars as the football season’s get back under way. A pretty average month in terms of matched betting. However we can’t complain at all we still broke through the £1000 target with £1166.

September –

September however was a tad better for us. We created a good amount of profit for the month. £1199.50.

October –

October however was a little quieter again but as with most sports the height of the seasons tend to be in and around the summer months. We did cash in well though, £1167.50.

November –

November did seem to be our quietest month of the year though we only just managed to break the £1000 wall with, £1011.50.

December –

We was able to claw a small part of it back in December though. We finished the month on a high and £1380.50 up.


With all that being said as you can probably notice we achieved the £12,000 target. This target was already beaten by August. So you didn’t even need to do matched betting every month to guarantee hitting the £12,000 yearly target.

I have accumulated all the month’s together into one figure. I am shocked! We managed to pocket ourselves a whopping £17,268.50 in profit. This is with no risk towards our capital at all. Now there is not many of us who could say that, that amount of money wouldn’t be useful

This is only a small look into matched betting. There is plenty enough people creating a living at the hands of the bookmakers. You too could be one of those people. This is could be from the casino offers, Accumulator refunds, or just having a dabble into more of the offers which we haven’t done.

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