If you don’t know by now or have never tried matched betting, Horse Racing festivals play a big part in a Matched Bettors calendar. With it getting to that time of the year where there is multiple big festivals happening in the next coming months it is always good to understand how to get involved and grab your pot of gold.

If you don’t already participate in matched betting, every Saturday ITV take over with a few selected races from hand-picked race courses. This means we get to take advantage of offers that the bookies put out to entice us to spend our hard-earned cash with them. These include:

  • Price boosts.
  • Extra place payouts.
  • Money back if horse comes 2nd, loses by a leg, falls etc.
  • Risk free bet if your horse wins.

All of these clumped together can guarantee us a small fortune each day.

Now this is where the festivals come into play. With them lasting usually anything from 2-5 days you can imagine the profit can build throughout these days to give us a big wage slip at the end of it. Not only this but the bookmakers put out specific offers which standalone for just these festivals to make sure your wages are being deposited into their website.

Now this is where we get involved, we take advantage of all these offers by backing and laying to guarantee ourselves some profit. If you don’t understand how to do this please take a look at my article here for some for information.



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