What is Liability?

Liability is the cost of you lay bet for if it loses. For instance if you lay £20 at the odds of 3.00 your liability will be £40. So when you are laying a bet you are in a term being the bookmaker. This is because if i was to place a bet at the odds of 3.00 i would receive £60 back. £20 would be my own money and £40 profit. So that’s why when you place a lay bet the cost for if it loses is your lay bet price x the odds of the lay bet = Liability. But as you are aware you will receive the Liability back from winning your back bet so this is why our system is risk free.

What happens if i have completed all the Sign Up offers every bookmaker offers?

This is a question i get asked quite a lot. Everyone seems to think as soon as you have completed the sign up offer that’s it done the bookmaker will not offer you anymore bonus’ or free bets ever again. This is where your wrong the bookies are constantly doing offers on high profile events. For instance odds boosts, Risk free bets or even the bet £20 get £10 in play can be highly profitable over time. There is a lot of value every month with different sports events going off. Even being signed up to every single bookmaker you could still make around £1000 profit every month from little time spent at your screen. I am currently signed up to one of the largest matched betting communities and one of the admins over there gives people an insight and tutorial on how to make £1000 each month which is a very popular and profitable thread. If you are interested in earning from matched betting i would definitely check it out here.

What is a Qualifying Bet?

A qualifying bet is basically what it sounds like. A bet that you place to qualify for a bonus/free bet. If you followed my sign up offers for Coral and Betfred you will understand that bookmakers will want you to place a bet with your own money before giving out anything to your for free. If they just offered free bets all the time they would quickly be going out of business with every just taking advantage of their free money and the bookmakers not receiving anything in return,

If everyone did this then wouldn’t the Bookies go out of business?

In one word yes, yes they would but and its a big but not every does matched betting and that’s why they are still in business. The community I am part of is home to 15,000 happy matched bettors. If you took this into consideration of how many people bet in the U.K you would quickly realise that us matched bettors are just a drop in the ocean to the gambling industry and that’s why bookmakers, casino and bingo sites have not stopped or changed there offers so we can not take advantage of them. I have been part of the group for just over a year now and i have been telling lots of people about it but a lot of people are stubborn and do not believe what i do is risk free or can you make you a lot of money. That’s why the group is only 15,000 large. If they was to read my tutorials they would soon understand that this is all real and profitable.

What is a mug bet?

If you are new to matched betting you will be thinking what the hell am i on about why have i included this but if you finish reading and then think back to the question above you will soon understand why i have included it. Bookmakers, Casino and bingo sites do not like us taking advantage of there offers even though what we do is fully legal it is against their terms and conditions and if you do get caught all though your money will not be at risk you could be at risk to losing the offers these companies give us or worse losing your account so you will not be able to bet again. So that’s why we place mug bets to make us look like we are regular punters. I’m not going to go into this in great detail as if you are only completing the Coral and Betfred offer you won’t need to know. If you are looking to make a good income from this then please check out the link here and mug bets will be explained further on the site there.

Why do i only include two sign up offers?

Well the reason is because i use the website i keep rambling on about to earn extra money each month for my self and i can confirm it has made me thousands. The website obviously has copyright to all the content it produces so if i was to post it all on here i would get banned from there and I do not want to gamble with that as there site only costs £22.99 per month to be a member of and to bring in around a grand a month and up to £2000 if you are really dedicated and complete nearly every offer its a small percentage to pay. But they allow their free trial content to be posted outside of their website.

Why is this UK only?

Well plain and simple the people who run the matched betting site are obviously from the UK themselves so they will only search for the offers within U.K. That is not to say you can not do matched betting in other countries it’s just simple that the community i use will not be able to offer their assistance on the offers which are offered to customers who are not from the UK. What i would suggest if you are interested in matched betting but are not from the UK is that you search for ‘Matched betting(followed by the country you reside in)’ to see if their is website that offer there assistance to you.