Dropshipping is one of the easiest business models to get yourself involved in. This is because there is no need for for large investment to get yourself started. In fact if you do this correctly you can start with nothing. There is plenty of different dropshipping methods which need no investment.

Amazon to eBay method

A search on these two site and you will soon see that certain products have quite a reasonable price difference. Even though they are exactly the same and in exactly the same condition. Now we can use this to our advantage. How about buying the product selling it on the other channel for the higher price? Sounds easy right. What about only buying the product once you have sold it on the other site for the higher price? You now are buying that item with your customers money and keeping yourself a nice little bit of profit?

What about people searching between the two to find the lowest price? How am I going to sell anything. Well the truth is that most people don’t even look between the two. They just search for the product they need and buy at the earliest convenience. This then plays into our hands and lets us create an income from not doing a lot at all. Take a look at my eBay stats from the last 30 days.

Account opened 18th December 2018. Screenshot took on 3rd February 2019.

This is not all however you can make it a lot easier for yourself. If you know about computers you will know that software can search a lot quicker than we ever will be able to. Not only this but it will save us time to spend on something else which can make us money too.

I use a company called profitscraper. The reason I use these is because they have plenty of cool features for us take advantage of. I will list these below

  • Auto-ordering – Now we don’t even have to log on our account to see what we have sold as it is all completed automatically for us.
  • Supports multiple accounts – So if you want to dedicated certain accounts to certain types of items to see which are the most lucrative you can do this.
  • Price/Stock changes – This software will also keep up to date with your pricing and stock levels. So if the cost of the item goes up so will your price. Not only this but it will keep an eye on the stock levels. So you will never be left red faced when you have to cancel an order due to no stock.
  • Automatically list – Now you don’t have to even have to waste any time listing the items you would like to sell on eBay as it is already done for you. Saving you time to find more profitable items.

If you are from the U.K, USA, Canada, France or Germany you are able to give this system a go. At the moment these are the only countries that are supported.

There is one thing that is nearly as good as all the free profit that we will make. We can give this a go for $1 for 14 days with no contract. You can cancel for free if you are not happy within that period. It will of cost you $1 so what do you have to lose?